About Deliciously Speaking

Food is and always has been a magnanimously important part of my life. It shapes my experiences, influences my moods and connects me in a way that nothing else can, to people: friends, family, and the world around me.

My earliest memories are inextricably linked to food; sitting in the kitchen with either my mother or my grandmother as they whipped, mixed, stirred and kneaded away. It seemed like magic to me, how a selection of ingredients can be transformed into something so delicious and soul-soothing. 

Most of the memories that I hold of my grandmother took place primarily in the kitchen with her army green Kitchen aid in the centre. Whenever I have moved into a new home, the first thing that I unpack is my own Kitchen aid. It is my symbol for love, nourishment, food, gathering; home!

I find myself in the kitchen whenever I am stressed out; whenever I am happy; whenever I need to make a decision-it is my space to meditate, contemplate, replenish. 

I am a connector; I love connecting to people and food is one of the way in which I do this. Whenever I take a taxi ride, for example, I always engage in conversation, which inevitably ends up with some discussion over food. Some time ago, I decided to pose just one question during my rides; “What is your favourite food, “and what emerged was a plethora of delightful and wonderful stories, which formed the genesis to create podcast centred around the stories told around food. So, here we go!

Enjoy this space as you travel through the delicious stories.

My Diary of a Foodie Blog