Talk about Chocolate

 DSC01105 Domori

I have just realised something-I do not think that an entire week has passed by in ages that I have not made something chocolate-y. I am perhaps limited in my baked chocolate goods as I am forever trying to perfect the brownie, or the chocolate chip cookie and of late I have been dabbling into the art of pralines and chocolate bars. There is really no end to these chocolatizing ventures!


 I never thought of myself as a collector at all. I have friends who collect stamps, others collect dolls and trinkets. I was just never interested in collecting things. This could be, in part due to the fact that I have moved around so much during my life.  Things are always getting lost and it seems to be just an inevitable part of moving around, at least for me. So, perhaps out of fear of becoming too attached, I just do not bother at all to collect things. A friend of mine came over last week, and sat in my kitchen as I baked her a cake. Then she asked me when I started collecting chocolate.  Engrossed within my cake-baking, I told her that I do not collect chocolate, and I was not sure hat she really meant. “Well, it looks to me as if you collect chocolate. I mean, look at that shelf. I feel as if I am in a chocolate shop!”


I turned around and looked at the shelf and my friend was actually right. I did not notice how much chocolate I had “collected” over time. Thinking about it, I am always purchasing new chocolates whenever I go to the grocery store or anywhere that sells chocolate. I seem to purchase them as quickly as I use them up. Exactly when I had filled up two complete shelves of chocolate I cannot really say. Perhaps it was around Christmas when I began dedicating more time to chocolate than before. I do not really know. But take a look at my shelf at it is now: I guess that I am a collector of sorts!


My favourite chocolate nowadays is…no, let me start again. My two most favourite brands of chocolate are Domori and Michel Cluizel (I will talk about them later on), and Valhrona, and , and….O.K….there are much too many. I give up!