Hali Hallo, Welcome to The Secret Ingredient. The secret Ingredient is actually a picture book, which I created after a visit to the market. The market was so vibrant with colours and flavours from fruits and vegetables and people from around the globe.

I stood in the midst of the market and closed my eyes to experience everything just a little deeper; The scents of chocolate, cinnamon, citrus fruits, the earthy greens, the mixture of languages. And when I opened my eyes again, the vibrancy of the colours tickled my eyes.

I made my purchases (far more than I had initially intended), and was immediately infected by the love and attention that each vendor had for her produce and desire to share them with others.
Each vendor had a story to tell. Each produce had a history to share.

I asked each vendor for their favourite recipe and the stories, which surrounded that recipe: The theme of love was prominent throughout these stories, irrespective of where the vendor was from or what age they were.

There was often talk of that; secret ingredient: the love that is so essential for sharing and enjoying food with others.

These experiences inspired me to write the picture book for the younger ones to introduce how love transcends culture. It is a story about two bunnies on their search through the market for the secret ingredient for Mummy’s Birthday cake.

The Book is available here to purchase in various formats.

The rest of the site is dedicated to exploring the stories that people tell about their favourite foods, dotted with recipes.

Enjoy the journey! Paula